Jun 222012

Not sure what happened today, but I lost focus. I made it to the 18th minute, but when the last run portion of the routine came, I could not convince myself to go. I ended up walking it out to 20 minutes. It’s really only the last minute of running that was skipped, and I certainly had the “gas” in the tank, but just no motivation. It’s times like today that I wish I had a partner to run with. That way we could keep each other honest and finish what we started. the wife has taken a hiatus from running with me, so I am up and out alone.

Perhaps I can regain focus by the next run, which I think will be tomorrow. The wife is working in the a.m., so I might as well run then. Plus, I would like to set my every other day routine so that I am not running on my first day on the new job. I think it’s also time to bust out some motivational photos around the house. I’ll post them here too if you all would like them.

Besides the “hiccup” in the last few minutes of this morning routine, the morning was perfect. Not too hot. No wind. The path wasn’t even too crowded. Tomorrow though will certainly have triple the people that today had. Maybe I’ll run near the house tomorrow.

Anyway, stats below.

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