Jun 202012

Back to Denver! Although the vacation was great, getting back home is equally good. Just being in a familiar place is comforting.

This mornings routine was a little earlier than the last weeks’ routines. The time change had a bit to do with that. Plus, I need to start “cycling” myself up to getting my run in earlier than up till now. I got a job! I start on the 2nd, and I believe my start time will be around 7:30. Add to that, drive time/shower time/breakfast time, my runs will be even earlier.

So, day 2 of week 4 was nothing very special. It was much cooler than my runs south of the border. I returned to running around the park too. Something to point out though, was that around my 7th cycle of run/walk, I was again thinking i would walk it out for the remaining 20 minutes. And again, once I made that mental decision, I ran it out as per program without a problem. I wonder if I could just convince my mind earlier on that the end of the routine is not as bad. I think it would make for the entire routine much more enjoyable. Anyway, stats below.

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