Jun 172012

Well, the wind has finally left us here in Mexico. This morning was absolutely beautiful. Time to run the beach!

I was up at 6:30 again this morning, and was out to the beach and running in no time. It was hot again, and after my run this morning, I was sweating like a pig. I did get snapshots of the beach this morning, as well as earlier shots of the week. Look for those to come along in a picture only post maybe later today or tomorrow.

As I have never been a runner, per se, I was unsure of what to expect with running on sand. I had visions of the opening scene of Chariots of Fire, running barefoot and getting sloppy wet from the water. The in-laws told me that low tide is the best time to run, as the water is out a good 50 feet and the sand is hard enough to run on with shoes. When they told me this, on our first day of the trip, I sort of didn’t believe them. I figured that is the sand on the beach that wasn’t beneath the water saw soft, certainly the sand under the water would be even softer. But, to my surprise, the sand was as they said it was. Hard enough to run on with shoes.

The run itself was a TON better than the run on Friday. No wind to run against. It was simply a beautiful morning to run. Sure, the heat was up a bit, but it was all good. I ran my routine, and I hardly even noticed the 20 minutes pass. I continued to look out into the Gulf of California.

And speaking of the Gulf, Endomundo has me running in the ocean! I guess because it was low tide, I was actually running where water is normally, and so it has my running path on the water. Trust me, I am no Jesus. I cannot walk on water. Stats below.

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