Jun 152012

Today was the first morning in Puerto Peñasco. The drive down was pretty uneventful. It’s always a bit unnerving when you enter another country, especially when it is Mexico, and you hear about all the horrible things going on with the drug lords and such. No such events with us though.

When we got in yesterday, it was pretty windy. The in-laws assured us that the wind would subside, as it is hardly ever that windy. The wind kept it up all night long though, and when I awoke this morning, all I could hear was the whistling wind outside our room. I had full intentions of running on the beach today, but after peaking out at the beach, I changed my mind and ran around the walking path in the property.

On the flight down, I sat and contemplated the differences in running at altitude here in Denver vs. the altitude at sea level. Back in Denver, I run at around 5,500 feet, and we are staying right on the beach, so maybe an elevation of around 15 feet. I would have thought that with the air so thin at home, my breathing would certainly be easier at sea level., and I would be less fatigued. This was all hypothetical, as I have never actually exercised while on a beach/tropical vacation.

Well, the breathing was not at all easier at sea level. I still got tired at the same points in the routine. If anything, this mornings run was a bit of a challenge. As I said earlier, I was going to run the beach, but did not because of the crashing waves rolling up the beach. I ran around the grounds, and from the road down to the beach, the terrain drops about 30 feet. So, I ran 4 laps from the beach up to the road, and back down to the beach. And as my luck would have it, the wind was pushing against me as I climbed the small hill towards the road. As I crested the hill each time, I told myself I would not climb it again once I got tot he bottom. But, as I rounded the bottom, I had my breath again, and I climbed it once again – into the wind.

Another difference with running in Mexico and back in Denver was my Endomundo. In Denver, it would find satellites pretty easily to track my distance and elevation. It “kind” of found where i was, but it was a bit wonky, and it kept losing signal. So, the stats are not exact. I had to go back in and edit the time and laps to get it somewhat accurate. Also, I was up at 6:20 local time there to run, and it was already 80 degrees. It was hotter than I am use to running in Denver.

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