Jun 132012

This mornings routine was a bit different today.  First off, I had a job interview at 9:00, so I had to get up early to get my run in before I got ready.  Add to that, I had to get gas, as well as find the place.  So, I hit the trail by 6:30!

As I laid in bed at 6:15, I seriously thought about “possibly” running after the interview, but before our flight leaves this afternoon.  I laid there for 5 minutes arranging my day to deal with a later run, knowing good and well that I would most likely not run after all.  I still had packing to do, and who knew how long the interview would go.  So, I got up and and was ready to go in 10 minutes.

The second difference with todays run was that I decided to use the big hill in my neighborhood to my advantage.  As opposed to just running a loop, with the climb on the front end, and the decline on the back, I mixed it up.  I ran for the first 3 minutes climbing the hill, then turning around and running back down and pretty flat for about 13 minutes.  The final part of the run was again running up the hill and turning around again.  Surprisingly, I felt fine afterwards, AND I increased my pace again.  All in all, I was happy with the results.

Now, if I get this job, I will most likely be up early for all my runs.  Not a big deal in the spring through fall time.  Winter, I will have to take it down to the treadmill.  It’s all good though.  It would be nice to be gainfully employed again.

So, next post will be from south of the border!  Mexico, baby!  Stats below:

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