Jun 112012

Another beautiful morning to run! Life has so much to offer every one of us, regardless of personal circumstances. Here it is, I’ve been unemployed for 18 months, and should, by all rights, be very depressed. But it actually quite the opposite. The skies are blue. The birds are chirping. I have my health and a loving family. What more is there? Ok, don’t answer that…

So my routine today shocked me a little. As easy as last weeks runs felt, I thought I had this one in the bag. Oh how wrong I was.

This weeks routines are run 1 minute, walk 2 minutes – repeat 7 times. Seriously – how much different could it be from just walking 3 minutes to walking 2 minutes. Well, a lot. The 1st cycle was just fine. The 2nd through the 5th were a bit tougher than I was expecting. And the last cycle? Well, my legs are really feeling it. No, I am not a wimp. I am just not used to it. I’ll cope. Wednesday will be much easier, as I now know what to expect. And I’ll have a few days to get excited for it!

Had one problem with my run this a.m. Not with the run, but with Endomondo. The new interval timer thing they introduced last week was wonky. It was timing properly, but it was not giving any notice that the next interval had begun. I had to do the whole routine with my phone and app open just to keep track of my timing. Kind of pissed me off, but we’ll see if a reboot before Wednesdays routine will fix’er up. I hope so.

Anyway, Stats below.

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