Jun 052012

Holy Crap!

What did I get myself into? Today’s outing was nothing at all like Sundays run/walk. Maybe it had something to do with the big ‘efing hill at the start of the run…

So, yeah, I was up and out by 7:30 today. The temperature was perfect, and it looked to be a wonderful day. That is until I started out. Ok, I’m just crying a little for dramatic effect, but the run did kick me a little out of bounds. And yes, it was the big hill at the beginning. I walked the route a few days ago, and it didn’t really hit me half as hard as today did. I think it was because I started to climb the hill RIGHT after my first run phase ended. I was already a bit out of breath, and Oh Yeah – Climb a hill now.

In all fairness, the rest of the run was fine. Especially on the flip side of the block. What goes up, must come down. Anyway, Stats below.

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