Jun 022012

This morning was my last walk of week one. I know now, that I could probably have skipped this week in the program because it really wasn’t that tough. After my walk on Wednesday, I contemplated jumping ahead to week 2, but after some thought I decided to keep to it, so that I could at least follow through with the program properly. I am kind of glad I did. I could truly tell a difference in my breathing after this walk compared to the first walk.

I do have to say though that when I am out on my walks (soon to be runs), I am a different person when I am with the wife. I tend to slow down when I am with her. I am 6′ tall, and she is 5′-3″ tall. I obviously have a much longer stride, and for every one step I take in fast walk mode, she is practically jogging to keep up. Today, I slowed up a bit for her sake. I would advise getting a walking/running partner that is somewhat equal to you in height and physical condition. If they are behind you all the time, you might tend to get frustrated at your partner. Or if you are the one behind, you might feel bad for slowing them up. Just something to think about.

Anyway, nothing too out of the ordinary on the walk this morning. I tried convincing the wife to go up the hill loop, and she wanted nothing to do with it. Oh well. Stats below.

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