Jun 012012

OK. Something new today!

I decided to skip the trail across the street today and opted to go up and around the big block in my neighborhood. I had been thinking about hitting the loop for since the beginning walk, but I knew it would be a bit “more” of a walk than what we had been doing up to now. Man, was I right. The hill was a bit of a surprise. To my calves that is. I knew it was there, and I have walked it before without any problem. But I wasn’t FAST walking up it before. Man, what a difference.

When I got to the top and was walking along the long block across, a number of runners come up from behind me. A teenager, another guy a bit younger than myself and an older man. The older man cam trotting up and the sound gave me a start. He was seriously wheezing and i wasn’t sure he was going to make it much further, but he kept going until he was out of site. I guess that gave me a bit of inspiration – If he can do it, I can do it. And so can you!

Stats below. They are not complete, because my dumb-ass forgot to start Endomondo after starting my interval timer. I was able to track my progress through Google Maps to get the distance, and my interval timer gave me my time. It’s close enough for government work, eh?

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