May 302012

Nothing too exciting about today’s walk. The wife was home today, so we walked this together. I was in the zone, and she wasn’t, so I ended up a good deal ahead of her.

As for the walk, I really feel I am beyond this level of exercise. I am not really winded when I get done, and I feel I can go much further. I don’t want to push too hard at first, because I want to create a positive mental image of exercising. Does that make sense? I have tried so many times to get healthy, and I end up overdoing it in the early stages because I see no progress. I end up over doing it just once, and it takes a few extra days to recover, and my mind is telling me No, don’t do it again. Then I have failed.

So, Stay positive! Don’t over do it! You can do it!

Stats below.

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