May 282012

Today is the first official day of my 12 week beginners running program. Go back a few entries to see what it’s all about!

I know it is only walking, but it is ramped up walking, along with regular walking. If it were just regular walking, I could do a lot more than 20 minutes. But, as I am walking fast for 4 minutes, I seem to look forward to the walking regular minute. then again, I am seriously picking them up and putting them down. I think Endomondo had my top walking speed at 5.s miles an hour. It doesn’t sound fast, but that’s walking speed. I think I would have to be running, or at least jogging to get much faster than that.

The wife was out with me this a.m., and she tried to keep up and did a great job doing so. We joked about the difference in our leg length, and the difference in the workout that makes. It is pretty obvious that short people should work out with short people, and tall people the same.

Anyway, Endomondo allows me to link to stats, and it is pretty darn cool. I just wish I could get it to do interval timing as well.

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