Jan 162013

meal planSo, a few days ago, I posted a rough eating plan template.  I am still working on the Excel file that I can upload for all those interested.  Subscribe (up and to the right of your screen) if you want to be notified when it is available.

So, I officially started the new eating program and menu (pulled from the Abs Book) on Sunday.  I did a weigh-in prior to starting and I was at 188.8 pounds.  My personal goal is to get to 170ish, but I would be happy at 175.  Now, today is Wednesday, and I have already dropped to 186.6.  Certainly not a ton, but I weigh myself daily and at the same time – right before I shower in the a.m.  No clothes on to affect the weigh-in, so it is pretty accurate.  From Sunday to Monday, no change.  Each day after that I dropped a pound.  I will post more results on Sunday, reflecting a full week.  I am also shooting to post the excel file for anyone who wants it.
And now, a new motivation image to share!

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