Jun 102012

Today, there will be no running routine. Today is my quasi Fathers Day! Yes, I know, it’s not for another week, but we are leaving on a family vacation on Wednesday, and will be off to visit the in-laws until next Tuesday, so my family is celebrating Fathers day today.

So, it’s bonus time for me to do nothin’! And that includes any sort of walking/running routines. So, I think I will take this time to reflect a bit about where I am at after 2 weeks through the 12 week program.

First off, I am a bit surprised with myself for sticking to this for 2 weeks. This is not the first time I have started a fitness program, and I usually get sidetracked, or dare I say it, Bored. So far, this is not the case so far. And I also believe that simply by “blogging” about the whole thing, helps keep me focused. Also, by posting all this, it’s as if I am standing tall, yelling to the world “I am doing this! I will not fail!” That in it’s own right is worthy enough to motivate me to continue.

I am a little bit worried though for our vacation. I REALLY do not want to skip a beat while in Mexico (I know. MEXICO, Baby!), and as of right now, I have full intentions of continuing with the every other day running routine. I am actually looking forward to running on the beach a few days, but we’ll see. It’s just the part about being with family we only see once or twice a year. There are certainly going to be a night or 3 of late nights, which will undoubtable include copious amounts of alcohol. Late nights plus booze, equals hangovers. I’m not sure how motivated I will be to get up and run with a hangover. We’ll see though. I “plan” on being a good boy, and that’s all I can do going into it. I do plan on updating while on vacation, as their condo has internet.

After vacation and week 4 of this current running program are complete, I am going to add an every other day weight program to the mix. I wanted to add it after week 2, but with the vacation coming up, I didn’t want to lose THAT much focus. So, After week 4 it is. I will post the routine here as well, to share with the world. I am sure my THREE followers will appreciate it! 🙂

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  1. Hello. I am a new follower. I am also a 40 year old man who needs to get in shape. I have been doing 30 minutes at the gym per day, 4 -5 days per week for a couple months now. As the expense of a trainer is OT an option, I am very hopeful that your plan will do the trick!

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