Jun 032012

Today starts Week #2! Woot!

I thought about starting tomorrow, but the wife said she was looking forward to starting with me. So, today it is!

To my surprise, we were up and starting by 7:30 on a Sunday. I know, crazy talk to not sleep in a bit in a Sunday. We’re spiritual people, but just not religious, so as others are up and off to church, we’re up and off to run. Maybe a bit of self worship, eh? OK, maybe not…

For the first running day of the program, we decided to hit the trail that loops across the street. It’s relatively flat, and if the timing is right, we will start and end at our own driveway. Sure enough, it worked out pretty close. well, not exactly. See, the wife and I were chatting during the run, and I lost track of repeats. When it ended the 5th cycle, I somehow thought it was the 4th, so we started another lap on the trail. If I was in tune with the program, we would have timed out almost perfectly. So, we got a few minutes bonus time on the day.

Stats below. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Endomondo?

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