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Jun 112012

View from the trail

So, why am I writing this blog, you all might ask? I am obviously not a fitness guru. I am an architect be profession. Completely unrelated. I am a closet writer, so there is the writing aspect of it. The rest stems from my innate need to be creative. I LOVE creating things. In architecture, I get to create buildings and design. As a writer, I get to create great prose. In photography (an awesome hobby by the way) I get to create great photographs. I guess adding running to the mix, I can throw all of that (except the architecture part) together, and I have a blog to assist others in the need to succeed. Honestly, I would rather be designing a great high rise in Shanghai, but that job is already taken. I would also rather be writing the next great American novel, but that is WAY tougher than running. By a mile!

So, here I am – blogging about running of all things. And although Photography is really not part of this venture as of yet, I am thinking about creating a random photo entry once a week, featuring a handful of camera phone shots from out on the running trail, from the previous week. I kind of just come up with the idea this morning, so look for that post next week. I hope it will just add a bit more inspiration to those of you on the fence (or still on the couch) about running. The scenery is great out there. It is a great reason to get up and get going.

Also, after my vacation, I am going to hit a few hiking trails, and I will certainly blog about those as well, and they will surly be chalk full of pretty pictures as well.