Jul 032013

Where has the time gone? It’s been a good 6 months since I posted here, so I figured it’s a good time to share. Back in January, I started a fairly organized eating plan. The plan called for eating 6 times a day. Eating less food more often is supposed to stimulate your metabolism.

For the most part, the eating plan works. My results were pretty immediate. I started at around 189 lbs, and when I leveled out, I was at 182. Sure, not a tone of weight loss there, but 182 is certainly better than 189. That drop came with in a few weeks, and pretty much stayed there. I tried to get it down under 180, and as I might have dipped down from day to day, the following day it would bounce back up.

I started playing around with things over the next few months. I would run a week of REALLY healthy meals, but maintain the 6 meals per day, and nothing changed. I dropped Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday off the healthy eating plan, and a little changed, but not much. I went back up to 185. I tried a few different combinations, and 185 was my new low. Now, I am a 6′ tall male, and 185 is not at all bad. My wife is 5’4 and she continued to drop with each of the combinations I worked out with the plan. I think the last I checked (before vacation, that is) she had dropped nearly 25 pounds. Not bad at all. I might also point out, that we have become a bit lazy in the exercise department. It’s crazy that when the spring and summer comes along, work gets busier and exercise time goes away. That really needs to change. I can only imagine where things would be now if I included exercise along with a better eating plan.

So, where am I now? Not in a good place. We just came back from a 10 day cruise, and we both feel like fat slobs. Before leaving on vacation, I weighed in at 185.7. That has been my average for almost 3 months now, regardless if I cheat on the weekends. So, naturally, we cheat on the weekends if it doesn’t make a difference. The first morning after the vacation on a big boat with lots and lots of good food, which was all included, I weighed 191.5. I had not been over 190 in quite a while. I seriously felt like a fat slob. But the food on the boat was OH SO GOOD. Anyway, that was on Saturday. Today is Wednesday, and I weighed in at 188.3 this a.m. Each morning this week, my weight has dropped a little bit. I still feel overly bloated, but I really think it has something to do with the sodium intake while on the boat. We typically do not use a lot of salt, and I could tell by the 2nd or 3rd day on the trip that we were going to be in trouble. I am not sure where the wife is on her weight, and I would imagine that her not sharing her weight outright, it is not good either.

That brings me to my next point. Exercise. We have no vacations planned until late this year, so I am going to start up my Walking/Running program again. Then, after a few weeks of that, I am going to add a bit more to the exercise department, and introduce some weight training. My goal is to by down at 175 and be rid of of my fat belly by Thanksgiving. I need to make room for all that Turkey then!

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Gone but still here

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Sep 082012

I know I have not posted anything on here since June, but does it count if it was the very last part of June?  Ok, maybe not.  Well, the deal is, I became employed.  I had not worked for a while when I decided to get fit and get this site up and running.  Who knew I would find employment just a month after finding this to focus on?  Anyway, with the new job, I have not ran since.  I know, I am a loser.  But there are reasons!  Kind of good ones, I guess.

With the new job, I am a QC Manager on a construction site.  Job site is on the other side of town.  I need to be in the trailer by 6:30.  To get the trailer by 6:30, I need to get up and start getting ready for the day sometimes by 5:15 to 5:30.  I could get out and run before, but that would mean getting up 45 minutes earlier.  Not my first choice.  Second, when I get home from work, I am gassed from working hard throughout the day.  I know that one is lame, but the reason I am tired when I get home, is because I am climbing stairs all day long.  The construction site I am on is a 6 story Medical Office Building, and i am in and out of the building many many times a day, and the elevator is not in yet.  I am climbing stairs all day.  So, as you see, there is my fitness!

An added boost to the whole health thing is I only get 30 minutes for lunch.  Not long enough to go and get something.  HUGE benefit there.  I was pissed at first, because everywhere i have worked since entering my field has had hour lunches.  But with the limited time, I am saving money by not going out for lunch all the time, and also eating healthier.

I used to HATE taking my lunch.  I had a million reasons why it was better NOT to bring lunch, and I totally convinced myself that they were all true.  They were so far NOT true.  Health benefits aside, I am loving the money savings all by it’s self!

Anyway, I am going to be posting a few inspirational images, similar to the Running one I did  a while back.  It will be geared more to the home gym workout.  I have been giving it a lot of thought over the last month, and I think I have it about worked out in my mind to give it a go in practice.  I also have been eating pretty healthy all along with the new job, enough so that I am going to create a Healthy Eating Habits image as well.  I certainly do not “diet” and honestly do not think diets work.  Sure, they drop weight quickly, but once you go off the diet, the weight comes right back.  The practice of just eating healthier is key.  Not so stringent  that you revert back to the bad eating habits, but good enough that you change your life from the day you start.  Listen, it can be done.  I have not had a soda since January 1st, and I do not miss it.  I have been at the same weight now since early this year, and sure, I would like to drop another 10 pounds, but I am not overweight any more.

So, with that LONG, wordy post, I am off to begin working on graphics for the new inspirational aids to share with you all.

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Jun 212012

Vacation was great.  It was just the right amount of time spent with the in-laws, and the beach was awesome.  I had totally planned on updating on my running while south of the border but there was a glitch with the internet in the condo.  It is fixed now, but we are not there now…  Funny how that works.

Anyway, I have all of my updates on my progress.  I surprisingly did not miss a day.  I will be updating those throughout the morning.  I’ll also give an update on the book review from before I left.

And finally, a big thanks to all that have come over to my site.  I hope I can provide continued inspiration for you.

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Blog about Running

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Jun 112012

View from the trail

So, why am I writing this blog, you all might ask? I am obviously not a fitness guru. I am an architect be profession. Completely unrelated. I am a closet writer, so there is the writing aspect of it. The rest stems from my innate need to be creative. I LOVE creating things. In architecture, I get to create buildings and design. As a writer, I get to create great prose. In photography (an awesome hobby by the way) I get to create great photographs. I guess adding running to the mix, I can throw all of that (except the architecture part) together, and I have a blog to assist others in the need to succeed. Honestly, I would rather be designing a great high rise in Shanghai, but that job is already taken. I would also rather be writing the next great American novel, but that is WAY tougher than running. By a mile!

So, here I am – blogging about running of all things. And although Photography is really not part of this venture as of yet, I am thinking about creating a random photo entry once a week, featuring a handful of camera phone shots from out on the running trail, from the previous week. I kind of just come up with the idea this morning, so look for that post next week. I hope it will just add a bit more inspiration to those of you on the fence (or still on the couch) about running. The scenery is great out there. It is a great reason to get up and get going.

Also, after my vacation, I am going to hit a few hiking trails, and I will certainly blog about those as well, and they will surly be chalk full of pretty pictures as well.

Jun 102012

Today, there will be no running routine. Today is my quasi Fathers Day! Yes, I know, it’s not for another week, but we are leaving on a family vacation on Wednesday, and will be off to visit the in-laws until next Tuesday, so my family is celebrating Fathers day today.

So, it’s bonus time for me to do nothin’! And that includes any sort of walking/running routines. So, I think I will take this time to reflect a bit about where I am at after 2 weeks through the 12 week program.

First off, I am a bit surprised with myself for sticking to this for 2 weeks. This is not the first time I have started a fitness program, and I usually get sidetracked, or dare I say it, Bored. So far, this is not the case so far. And I also believe that simply by “blogging” about the whole thing, helps keep me focused. Also, by posting all this, it’s as if I am standing tall, yelling to the world “I am doing this! I will not fail!” That in it’s own right is worthy enough to motivate me to continue.

I am a little bit worried though for our vacation. I REALLY do not want to skip a beat while in Mexico (I know. MEXICO, Baby!), and as of right now, I have full intentions of continuing with the every other day running routine. I am actually looking forward to running on the beach a few days, but we’ll see. It’s just the part about being with family we only see once or twice a year. There are certainly going to be a night or 3 of late nights, which will undoubtable include copious amounts of alcohol. Late nights plus booze, equals hangovers. I’m not sure how motivated I will be to get up and run with a hangover. We’ll see though. I “plan” on being a good boy, and that’s all I can do going into it. I do plan on updating while on vacation, as their condo has internet.

After vacation and week 4 of this current running program are complete, I am going to add an every other day weight program to the mix. I wanted to add it after week 2, but with the vacation coming up, I didn’t want to lose THAT much focus. So, After week 4 it is. I will post the routine here as well, to share with the world. I am sure my THREE followers will appreciate it! 🙂

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