Jun 282012

With all good things, REVISE, REVISE, REVISE. This is a revision to my original plan from last month. The original plan was great in it’s own sense, but after 5 weeks of following the program, I found a number of ways to improve upon it to avoid failure. And isn’t that what we all want most? To not fail at an exercise program? To not fail also means to succeed! I want to succeed! I want you to succeed!

Over the years, I have failed to succeed on far too many exercise programs for one reason or another. Some have failed because of catching a cold or the flu. Some have failed because of burn-out. Some have failed out of
boredom. This particular program seemed to be set up to succeed, but after a live test run, it had two bad areas in the first 5 weeks alone. The first was the initial week was far to slow of a start. There was a slim chance of boredom kicking in at the onset. Luckily for me, I was entirely too motivated to notice, and blew through week 1 with ease. It was actually too easy. The second problem area came along at the transition between week 4 and week 5. Although the ramp-up there didn’t seem harsh on paper, when I transitioned myself on the track I realized it was either too quick or I was a wimp. I am not going to discount the second theory there, but as I can make changes to the program, I will do that instead of putting a label on myself.

The revisions

So, after taking a few days away from the program, I have had time to think about everything. I made changes to just about every week in the program. And even though I had only progressed through week 5, I feel I can anticipate where there might be problems in the remaining weeks. Also, the original pace for this routine was EVERY OTHER DAY, but I think making it 4 days a week might be better. For that matter, I might ever run it every day as I build up more stamina. But for right now, I am going to run Monday, Tuesday – Thursday, Friday. It just makes sense for me. I encourage YOU to set whatever schedule makes the most sense for you.

The first change comes with adding a warm-up walk to each run. Common sense tells us that yes, we should do some kind of warm up, but in the 5 weeks I did the routine, I did not once warm up once. So, I added a walking warm up. I did stretching after a few of the runs, but not all of them. So, although it is not printed here in the routine, please do stretch after your run.

The second change I made was to week 1. I eliminated the walking fast/walking slow, and moved what was slated at week 2 to week 1. The walking fast/walking slow aspect seemed to appeal to me early on, when I wasn’t sure I could actually run for a minute without keeling over. I am out of shape, but just not THAT out of shape. Week 1 was WAY too easy for me. If you find the revised week 1 too hard, simply don’t start this routine for a week and walk a week first. Build yourself up a bit, then start the running portion. Everyone is different, and I feel this revised start is a better start.

By eliminating the walking sessions at week 1, I added an additional week 4 to ease the transition of ramping up the running early on. I also increased the walk/rest time in that week as well. I found that i was dreading running again so quickly, and even an additional 30 seconds could make the difference here.

Those were the biggest changes I made. I did add additional walk/rest times to various other weeks where I seemed to think they would benefit success. Please do comment if you see any other areas that might need attention.

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Also, I will probably not be updating my personal progress as much from here on out. I start a new job on Monday, and although I will still be running in the mornings before work, I will not have time to blog about my progress.

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Week #3, Run #1

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Jun 112012

Another beautiful morning to run! Life has so much to offer every one of us, regardless of personal circumstances. Here it is, I’ve been unemployed for 18 months, and should, by all rights, be very depressed. But it actually quite the opposite. The skies are blue. The birds are chirping. I have my health and a loving family. What more is there? Ok, don’t answer that…

So my routine today shocked me a little. As easy as last weeks runs felt, I thought I had this one in the bag. Oh how wrong I was.

This weeks routines are run 1 minute, walk 2 minutes – repeat 7 times. Seriously – how much different could it be from just walking 3 minutes to walking 2 minutes. Well, a lot. The 1st cycle was just fine. The 2nd through the 5th were a bit tougher than I was expecting. And the last cycle? Well, my legs are really feeling it. No, I am not a wimp. I am just not used to it. I’ll cope. Wednesday will be much easier, as I now know what to expect. And I’ll have a few days to get excited for it!

Had one problem with my run this a.m. Not with the run, but with Endomondo. The new interval timer thing they introduced last week was wonky. It was timing properly, but it was not giving any notice that the next interval had begun. I had to do the whole routine with my phone and app open just to keep track of my timing. Kind of pissed me off, but we’ll see if a reboot before Wednesdays routine will fix’er up. I hope so.

Anyway, Stats below.

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Mobile Apps and Trial Run

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May 272012

Well now – Here I am. About to start out on a new journey. A journey of fitness and improved health.

Yeah, that sounded lame. I am trying to sound interesting to you all, so you can return here to follow along with my fitness program. Seriously. I need the encouragement! I promise to return the favor and prompt you too…

Ok, now. I went out for a trial 20 minute walk today. I didn’t really want to count it as Day #1 of the program, because in my mind, I had it starting tomorrow, on Monday. Don’t ask me. I’m not sure why my mind said so. In all seriousness, I wanted to give a trial run (no pun intended) on the program, to see who I would feel doing so, as well as polish up on my App manipulation. The apps I am going to be using during the program are Endomondo, Pro and Interval Stopwatch. Both are available on Android, and if they are available there, I am sure they are available for th iPhone. I honestly wish that Endomondo would have the ability to have interval timing as well, because as it is now, I have to start Endomondo with a 10 second delay and then start the timer. The timer beeps at me at each shift in walk to run, and vice versa. it’s actually pretty sweet.

As for Endomondo, I started with the free version a few years ago, and at the time, it really met my needs as it was. Then, I did a few hikes with it last year, and there was a feature that was available with the pro version that I kind of needed. On long hikes, Endomondo, along with all the other apps on my phone drained my battery. I mean dead in 6 hours. The pro version allows it to reduce power consumption, while still tracking. That, along with deactivating a number of other apps on the phone, and I can push it longer than 8 hours now. Not bad for $3.99. Bonus for me, as I got it on sale for .99 cents!

Anyway, now I am rambling. First walking stats are posted below. Feel free to comment on my progress. I need the encouragement!

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May 252012

About a year ago, I had made the decision to get into shape.  I had been unemployed for 6 months ( stupid economy), and during that time, I dropped in weight from 227 down to about 205.  I attribute that weight loss to nothing more than not eating out for lunch, and cooking more dinners at home.  It’s quite amazing what can come from having to cut costs.  I had just turned 40, and although I was losing weight, I was certainly not in shape.  I doubt I could run more than a few minutes before passing out.

I first made the decision to get more hiking.    I had bought most all of the gear a number of years previous, but had never gotten out there.  Story of my life…  Anyway, after a number of hikes, I realized I would need to get into other forms of more strenuous activities if I truly wanted to drop the guy I was, and get into better shape.  I also realized that I was hiking for the pleasure of being in the outdoors, and the small fitness gain was just a bonus.  In all truthfulness, I would rather hike any day, but hiking was not getting me into the shape as I was targeting.

Along came the internet!  After doing a number of Google searches, I found a few beginner running programs that looked like they would mostly fit the bill.  The only problem with them, was I believe they were designed by in-shape people.  I was not one of them, and I knew if I started one of them, at age 40, I would certainly fail.  So, I took a few bullet points from a number of them and created my own – Designed by an out of shape 40 year old, to be used by out of shape 40 year olds.  OK, maybe not just out of shape 40 years olds, but you get the point.

So, here it is.  It’s pretty basic – You run/walk for 20 minutes, every other day for 12 weeks.  Each week you either drop your walk time or ramp up your run time, but still keeping it within the 20 minute window.  At the end of the 12 week program, you should be able to run 20 minutes without a problem.  Don’t get me wrong, this is all theoretical, but I am currently in week 2, and will see this through to the end.


And, as I am not a doctor, take this info for what it’s worth – I’m posting it for motivational purposes only.  See your own Doc before you go out and injure yourself by starting a new program…


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