31 Day ABS Challenge

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Jan 182014

Abs-challenge-wideThe problem with fitness challenges is that they are too challenging for the average couch potato. An example is one that I recently tried. It was a 30 day planking challenge, and you would plank for X number of seconds each day, gradually increasing the duration each consecutive day. In theory, it sounds easy, but by the 8h or 9th day, the length is getting to the point of insanity for someone that is use to sitting in front of the boob tube. I am not saying the challenge needs to be super easy, but one that can take the fatty off the couch and not discourage him/her because it gets too tough too soon.

Abs-challenge-longI tried another challenge a few weeks ago where it was also a 30 day challenge. It had a combination of crunches, leg lifts and planks every day of X number of reps/seconds. Every 4th day was a break. “Great!” I thought and implemented it with my family. After 8 days, the constant adding of reps/seconds was verging on insane once again. So, I decided to come up with a modified 30 day challenge for the not-so-fit. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not hugely out of shape. I’m a 43 y.o. male – 6′-0″ tall, and weigh 195. I am slightly overweight, but not terribly. My “ideal” weight is 180, and I would love to be back down to 175. I just feel “pregnant” when I look at my beer storage facility in the mirror. My arms/legs are skinny, comparatively. I just need to lose the gut. I know what you’re thinking – Stop drinking beer. Well, my friend, that is not an option. I must increase my physical activities as a compromise. Here is what I come up with.

Now, after this 31 days challenge, I feel I can take on a more aggressive challenge and hopefully continue on to bigger and better fitness activities. I started last night, and the first activity took a whole 3 or 4 minutes. The planking is the worst, but the leg lifts are a close second. The crunches seem to be OK for me, but we’ll see how I feel after the second break.

The rhythm I used here was to give the same repetition/seconds for three consecutive days. That way, you at least know that if you can just barely squeeze out the daily exercise on the first of the three day cycle, the following day should mentally be easier. The point of where the other challenges failed for me was because of struggling on any given day. Mentally, I knew if today was rough to hit, tomorrow was certainly going to be tougher. We’ll see if my theory pans out.

Feel free to share and share often for those that are in the same boat as I am.

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Jul 032013

Where has the time gone? It’s been a good 6 months since I posted here, so I figured it’s a good time to share. Back in January, I started a fairly organized eating plan. The plan called for eating 6 times a day. Eating less food more often is supposed to stimulate your metabolism.

For the most part, the eating plan works. My results were pretty immediate. I started at around 189 lbs, and when I leveled out, I was at 182. Sure, not a tone of weight loss there, but 182 is certainly better than 189. That drop came with in a few weeks, and pretty much stayed there. I tried to get it down under 180, and as I might have dipped down from day to day, the following day it would bounce back up.

I started playing around with things over the next few months. I would run a week of REALLY healthy meals, but maintain the 6 meals per day, and nothing changed. I dropped Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday off the healthy eating plan, and a little changed, but not much. I went back up to 185. I tried a few different combinations, and 185 was my new low. Now, I am a 6′ tall male, and 185 is not at all bad. My wife is 5’4 and she continued to drop with each of the combinations I worked out with the plan. I think the last I checked (before vacation, that is) she had dropped nearly 25 pounds. Not bad at all. I might also point out, that we have become a bit lazy in the exercise department. It’s crazy that when the spring and summer comes along, work gets busier and exercise time goes away. That really needs to change. I can only imagine where things would be now if I included exercise along with a better eating plan.

So, where am I now? Not in a good place. We just came back from a 10 day cruise, and we both feel like fat slobs. Before leaving on vacation, I weighed in at 185.7. That has been my average for almost 3 months now, regardless if I cheat on the weekends. So, naturally, we cheat on the weekends if it doesn’t make a difference. The first morning after the vacation on a big boat with lots and lots of good food, which was all included, I weighed 191.5. I had not been over 190 in quite a while. I seriously felt like a fat slob. But the food on the boat was OH SO GOOD. Anyway, that was on Saturday. Today is Wednesday, and I weighed in at 188.3 this a.m. Each morning this week, my weight has dropped a little bit. I still feel overly bloated, but I really think it has something to do with the sodium intake while on the boat. We typically do not use a lot of salt, and I could tell by the 2nd or 3rd day on the trip that we were going to be in trouble. I am not sure where the wife is on her weight, and I would imagine that her not sharing her weight outright, it is not good either.

That brings me to my next point. Exercise. We have no vacations planned until late this year, so I am going to start up my Walking/Running program again. Then, after a few weeks of that, I am going to add a bit more to the exercise department, and introduce some weight training. My goal is to by down at 175 and be rid of of my fat belly by Thanksgiving. I need to make room for all that Turkey then!

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Update to 6 Meal Eating Plan

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Jan 162013

meal planSo, a few days ago, I posted a rough eating plan template.  I am still working on the Excel file that I can upload for all those interested.  Subscribe (up and to the right of your screen) if you want to be notified when it is available.

So, I officially started the new eating program and menu (pulled from the Abs Book) on Sunday.  I did a weigh-in prior to starting and I was at 188.8 pounds.  My personal goal is to get to 170ish, but I would be happy at 175.  Now, today is Wednesday, and I have already dropped to 186.6.  Certainly not a ton, but I weigh myself daily and at the same time – right before I shower in the a.m.  No clothes on to affect the weigh-in, so it is pretty accurate.  From Sunday to Monday, no change.  Each day after that I dropped a pound.  I will post more results on Sunday, reflecting a full week.  I am also shooting to post the excel file for anyone who wants it.
And now, a new motivation image to share!

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6 Meal Per Day Eating Program

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Jan 152013

Well folks, it’s that time of year again.  Time to make those ill-fated New Years Resolutions!  Mine is re-starting the 6 meal per day eating program!  It’s awesome, and it works!

A few years ago, I bought the book ‘6 Minute Meals for 6 Pack Abs’ and read it straight thru.  It is not as much as a diet as it is as a lifestyle change.  In it, it covers all the ‘goods and bads’ of what you eat in life.  The premise is to not eat large meals, 3 times a day, but to eat smaller meals, 6 times a day.  The first time I tried it, I felt like I was eating ALL THE TIME, and I lost weight.  I dropped some 15 pounds in like 3 weeks.  I felt better than ever.  The best I had felt in a very long time.  I ended up getting the flu and that just messes up any normal eating habit.

I tried it a few other times over the years, but not with any real dedication.  Not until now.  I have myself to think about, as well as the wife…  She is also doing this, and that makes it much more important to stick with it.

So, to keep with the program better, I am developing an Excel file that tracks what we are going to be eating each week.  I did a quick one a few weeks ago, when we first started talking about doing this, and put it to use a few days ago.


As I said, I am working on this still and am making a few improvements. After I run with the improvements for a week, I will offer it as a free download. Stay tuned!



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Gone but still here

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Sep 082012

I know I have not posted anything on here since June, but does it count if it was the very last part of June?  Ok, maybe not.  Well, the deal is, I became employed.  I had not worked for a while when I decided to get fit and get this site up and running.  Who knew I would find employment just a month after finding this to focus on?  Anyway, with the new job, I have not ran since.  I know, I am a loser.  But there are reasons!  Kind of good ones, I guess.

With the new job, I am a QC Manager on a construction site.  Job site is on the other side of town.  I need to be in the trailer by 6:30.  To get the trailer by 6:30, I need to get up and start getting ready for the day sometimes by 5:15 to 5:30.  I could get out and run before, but that would mean getting up 45 minutes earlier.  Not my first choice.  Second, when I get home from work, I am gassed from working hard throughout the day.  I know that one is lame, but the reason I am tired when I get home, is because I am climbing stairs all day long.  The construction site I am on is a 6 story Medical Office Building, and i am in and out of the building many many times a day, and the elevator is not in yet.  I am climbing stairs all day.  So, as you see, there is my fitness!

An added boost to the whole health thing is I only get 30 minutes for lunch.  Not long enough to go and get something.  HUGE benefit there.  I was pissed at first, because everywhere i have worked since entering my field has had hour lunches.  But with the limited time, I am saving money by not going out for lunch all the time, and also eating healthier.

I used to HATE taking my lunch.  I had a million reasons why it was better NOT to bring lunch, and I totally convinced myself that they were all true.  They were so far NOT true.  Health benefits aside, I am loving the money savings all by it’s self!

Anyway, I am going to be posting a few inspirational images, similar to the Running one I did  a while back.  It will be geared more to the home gym workout.  I have been giving it a lot of thought over the last month, and I think I have it about worked out in my mind to give it a go in practice.  I also have been eating pretty healthy all along with the new job, enough so that I am going to create a Healthy Eating Habits image as well.  I certainly do not “diet” and honestly do not think diets work.  Sure, they drop weight quickly, but once you go off the diet, the weight comes right back.  The practice of just eating healthier is key.  Not so stringent  that you revert back to the bad eating habits, but good enough that you change your life from the day you start.  Listen, it can be done.  I have not had a soda since January 1st, and I do not miss it.  I have been at the same weight now since early this year, and sure, I would like to drop another 10 pounds, but I am not overweight any more.

So, with that LONG, wordy post, I am off to begin working on graphics for the new inspirational aids to share with you all.

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Jun 282012

With all good things, REVISE, REVISE, REVISE. This is a revision to my original plan from last month. The original plan was great in it’s own sense, but after 5 weeks of following the program, I found a number of ways to improve upon it to avoid failure. And isn’t that what we all want most? To not fail at an exercise program? To not fail also means to succeed! I want to succeed! I want you to succeed!

Over the years, I have failed to succeed on far too many exercise programs for one reason or another. Some have failed because of catching a cold or the flu. Some have failed because of burn-out. Some have failed out of
boredom. This particular program seemed to be set up to succeed, but after a live test run, it had two bad areas in the first 5 weeks alone. The first was the initial week was far to slow of a start. There was a slim chance of boredom kicking in at the onset. Luckily for me, I was entirely too motivated to notice, and blew through week 1 with ease. It was actually too easy. The second problem area came along at the transition between week 4 and week 5. Although the ramp-up there didn’t seem harsh on paper, when I transitioned myself on the track I realized it was either too quick or I was a wimp. I am not going to discount the second theory there, but as I can make changes to the program, I will do that instead of putting a label on myself.

The revisions

So, after taking a few days away from the program, I have had time to think about everything. I made changes to just about every week in the program. And even though I had only progressed through week 5, I feel I can anticipate where there might be problems in the remaining weeks. Also, the original pace for this routine was EVERY OTHER DAY, but I think making it 4 days a week might be better. For that matter, I might ever run it every day as I build up more stamina. But for right now, I am going to run Monday, Tuesday – Thursday, Friday. It just makes sense for me. I encourage YOU to set whatever schedule makes the most sense for you.

The first change comes with adding a warm-up walk to each run. Common sense tells us that yes, we should do some kind of warm up, but in the 5 weeks I did the routine, I did not once warm up once. So, I added a walking warm up. I did stretching after a few of the runs, but not all of them. So, although it is not printed here in the routine, please do stretch after your run.

The second change I made was to week 1. I eliminated the walking fast/walking slow, and moved what was slated at week 2 to week 1. The walking fast/walking slow aspect seemed to appeal to me early on, when I wasn’t sure I could actually run for a minute without keeling over. I am out of shape, but just not THAT out of shape. Week 1 was WAY too easy for me. If you find the revised week 1 too hard, simply don’t start this routine for a week and walk a week first. Build yourself up a bit, then start the running portion. Everyone is different, and I feel this revised start is a better start.

By eliminating the walking sessions at week 1, I added an additional week 4 to ease the transition of ramping up the running early on. I also increased the walk/rest time in that week as well. I found that i was dreading running again so quickly, and even an additional 30 seconds could make the difference here.

Those were the biggest changes I made. I did add additional walk/rest times to various other weeks where I seemed to think they would benefit success. Please do comment if you see any other areas that might need attention.

 If you feel this routine will work for someone else you know, Please  Click To Tweet

Also, I will probably not be updating my personal progress as much from here on out. I start a new job on Monday, and although I will still be running in the mornings before work, I will not have time to blog about my progress.

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Week #5, Run #1

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Jun 252012

I am not sure what is going on with me, but I could not finad ANY motivation on Saturday or Sunday to wrap up week 4 of the program. It was bloody hot here in the Denver area, so I am sure that has a little something to do with it. But my running time has been pretty early when the temp is pretty low, so I am not sure what to think.

Anyway, I ran this a.m., and I decided to begin week 5. I was also up a bit earlier too, to begin cycling my run time earlier because of the new job starting next week. I hit the trail by 6:00, and the first 2 minute run was no problem. I was just starting to get winded at the end of the 2 minutes. The 1 minute walk was not long enough because when the 2nd 2 minute run started, I seemed to have gotten winded much quicker. I still made it the whole 2 minutes, but I was seriously huffing at the end. And the thing is, I am not really running fast. Just a medium pace jog. The 2nd walk cycle was also too short, and when the 3rd run started up, I did so, but ended up crapping out about a minute and a half into it. The 4th run cycle, I crapped out at a minute, and the 5th, 6th and 7th run cycles were changed to walking fast. I was beat-tired 10 minutes in, and I am not at all sure why.

Up until the routine on Friday, I though I had been doing pretty good by stepping this up. It was kind of a shock today when I felt like i was gonna pass out mid way through the 3rd run.

I am not sure what I am going to do. I don’t want to stall out on this, but I also don’t want to burn out either. I might re-evaluate my routine on Wednesday to maybe running 2 minutes and walking 2 minutes to see if the extra breather minute in between will help. The one minute of running is not at all tough to do, but based off today, the 2 minutes of running was a bit too much right off the bat.

Anyway, Stats below:

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Week #4, Run #3

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Jun 222012

Not sure what happened today, but I lost focus. I made it to the 18th minute, but when the last run portion of the routine came, I could not convince myself to go. I ended up walking it out to 20 minutes. It’s really only the last minute of running that was skipped, and I certainly had the “gas” in the tank, but just no motivation. It’s times like today that I wish I had a partner to run with. That way we could keep each other honest and finish what we started. the wife has taken a hiatus from running with me, so I am up and out alone.

Perhaps I can regain focus by the next run, which I think will be tomorrow. The wife is working in the a.m., so I might as well run then. Plus, I would like to set my every other day routine so that I am not running on my first day on the new job. I think it’s also time to bust out some motivational photos around the house. I’ll post them here too if you all would like them.

Besides the “hiccup” in the last few minutes of this morning routine, the morning was perfect. Not too hot. No wind. The path wasn’t even too crowded. Tomorrow though will certainly have triple the people that today had. Maybe I’ll run near the house tomorrow.

Anyway, stats below.

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Jun 212012

Vacation was great.  It was just the right amount of time spent with the in-laws, and the beach was awesome.  I had totally planned on updating on my running while south of the border but there was a glitch with the internet in the condo.  It is fixed now, but we are not there now…  Funny how that works.

Anyway, I have all of my updates on my progress.  I surprisingly did not miss a day.  I will be updating those throughout the morning.  I’ll also give an update on the book review from before I left.

And finally, a big thanks to all that have come over to my site.  I hope I can provide continued inspiration for you.

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Week #4, Run #2

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Jun 202012

Back to Denver! Although the vacation was great, getting back home is equally good. Just being in a familiar place is comforting.

This mornings routine was a little earlier than the last weeks’ routines. The time change had a bit to do with that. Plus, I need to start “cycling” myself up to getting my run in earlier than up till now. I got a job! I start on the 2nd, and I believe my start time will be around 7:30. Add to that, drive time/shower time/breakfast time, my runs will be even earlier.

So, day 2 of week 4 was nothing very special. It was much cooler than my runs south of the border. I returned to running around the park too. Something to point out though, was that around my 7th cycle of run/walk, I was again thinking i would walk it out for the remaining 20 minutes. And again, once I made that mental decision, I ran it out as per program without a problem. I wonder if I could just convince my mind earlier on that the end of the routine is not as bad. I think it would make for the entire routine much more enjoyable. Anyway, stats below.

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Week #4, Run #1

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Jun 182012

For the most part, my running takes place every other day. I have it set up like that as not to burn-out. I really want this to succeed, so I am doing everything I can to make it work just right. But, there is room for change. I have made a few changes to the routine, and today is one of them. I was to be on an “off” day today, but it is our last day in Mexico. Tomorrow, we are back into Phoenix for a day before flying home. The temp in Arizona is HOT! I mean oven hot. I decided to get one more beach run here, and skip AZ completely. Then, I can pick back up in Colorado on Wednesday. Skip the hot heat completely.

Add to that, I am starting week 4, which is reducing walking time down to one minute. I didn’t think it would be a problem, as I have been feeling like I have plenty left in the gas tank up until now. I was a bit off, but nothing too crazy.

The run started off just fine. The first beep from Endomundo came and I dropped to a walk. That next minute came and went fast, as I was up running again before I could think about it. The next few came and went just as fast, and I was caught trying to second guess when the timer would beep, so that I could fully embrace the walking portion of the routine. I think that was a mistake. I should have just thought of something else, or like yesterday, looked out at the water. I think I focussed too much on the walking part of the routine, and felt like I was overly tired the whole time I was out there. When I got to the 7th run of the routine, I thought I would just skip the 8th thru the 10th run and just walk it out for the rest of the 20 minutes. But, to my surprise, at each minute change, I instinctively started to run, even though I told myself i would walk. The last 2 run cycles were not as hard as the middle cycles were, maybe because I was not focussing on the walk portion as much by then.

Anyway, I was walking on water again, per Endomundo. Beyond that, Week 4 looks to be just fine. Next week, I am not so sure. Running for 2 minutes! I think I should be fine. I think… Stats below.

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Week #3, Run #4

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Jun 172012

Well, the wind has finally left us here in Mexico. This morning was absolutely beautiful. Time to run the beach!

I was up at 6:30 again this morning, and was out to the beach and running in no time. It was hot again, and after my run this morning, I was sweating like a pig. I did get snapshots of the beach this morning, as well as earlier shots of the week. Look for those to come along in a picture only post maybe later today or tomorrow.

As I have never been a runner, per se, I was unsure of what to expect with running on sand. I had visions of the opening scene of Chariots of Fire, running barefoot and getting sloppy wet from the water. The in-laws told me that low tide is the best time to run, as the water is out a good 50 feet and the sand is hard enough to run on with shoes. When they told me this, on our first day of the trip, I sort of didn’t believe them. I figured that is the sand on the beach that wasn’t beneath the water saw soft, certainly the sand under the water would be even softer. But, to my surprise, the sand was as they said it was. Hard enough to run on with shoes.

The run itself was a TON better than the run on Friday. No wind to run against. It was simply a beautiful morning to run. Sure, the heat was up a bit, but it was all good. I ran my routine, and I hardly even noticed the 20 minutes pass. I continued to look out into the Gulf of California.

And speaking of the Gulf, Endomundo has me running in the ocean! I guess because it was low tide, I was actually running where water is normally, and so it has my running path on the water. Trust me, I am no Jesus. I cannot walk on water. Stats below.

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Week #3, Run #3

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Jun 152012

Today was the first morning in Puerto Peñasco. The drive down was pretty uneventful. It’s always a bit unnerving when you enter another country, especially when it is Mexico, and you hear about all the horrible things going on with the drug lords and such. No such events with us though.

When we got in yesterday, it was pretty windy. The in-laws assured us that the wind would subside, as it is hardly ever that windy. The wind kept it up all night long though, and when I awoke this morning, all I could hear was the whistling wind outside our room. I had full intentions of running on the beach today, but after peaking out at the beach, I changed my mind and ran around the walking path in the property.

On the flight down, I sat and contemplated the differences in running at altitude here in Denver vs. the altitude at sea level. Back in Denver, I run at around 5,500 feet, and we are staying right on the beach, so maybe an elevation of around 15 feet. I would have thought that with the air so thin at home, my breathing would certainly be easier at sea level., and I would be less fatigued. This was all hypothetical, as I have never actually exercised while on a beach/tropical vacation.

Well, the breathing was not at all easier at sea level. I still got tired at the same points in the routine. If anything, this mornings run was a bit of a challenge. As I said earlier, I was going to run the beach, but did not because of the crashing waves rolling up the beach. I ran around the grounds, and from the road down to the beach, the terrain drops about 30 feet. So, I ran 4 laps from the beach up to the road, and back down to the beach. And as my luck would have it, the wind was pushing against me as I climbed the small hill towards the road. As I crested the hill each time, I told myself I would not climb it again once I got tot he bottom. But, as I rounded the bottom, I had my breath again, and I climbed it once again – into the wind.

Another difference with running in Mexico and back in Denver was my Endomundo. In Denver, it would find satellites pretty easily to track my distance and elevation. It “kind” of found where i was, but it was a bit wonky, and it kept losing signal. So, the stats are not exact. I had to go back in and edit the time and laps to get it somewhat accurate. Also, I was up at 6:20 local time there to run, and it was already 80 degrees. It was hotter than I am use to running in Denver.

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Week #3, Run #2

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Jun 132012

This mornings routine was a bit different today.  First off, I had a job interview at 9:00, so I had to get up early to get my run in before I got ready.  Add to that, I had to get gas, as well as find the place.  So, I hit the trail by 6:30!

As I laid in bed at 6:15, I seriously thought about “possibly” running after the interview, but before our flight leaves this afternoon.  I laid there for 5 minutes arranging my day to deal with a later run, knowing good and well that I would most likely not run after all.  I still had packing to do, and who knew how long the interview would go.  So, I got up and and was ready to go in 10 minutes.

The second difference with todays run was that I decided to use the big hill in my neighborhood to my advantage.  As opposed to just running a loop, with the climb on the front end, and the decline on the back, I mixed it up.  I ran for the first 3 minutes climbing the hill, then turning around and running back down and pretty flat for about 13 minutes.  The final part of the run was again running up the hill and turning around again.  Surprisingly, I felt fine afterwards, AND I increased my pace again.  All in all, I was happy with the results.

Now, if I get this job, I will most likely be up early for all my runs.  Not a big deal in the spring through fall time.  Winter, I will have to take it down to the treadmill.  It’s all good though.  It would be nice to be gainfully employed again.

So, next post will be from south of the border!  Mexico, baby!  Stats below:

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What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

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Jun 112012

As I am leaving for a week long vacation on Wednesday, I am loading up the reading bag.  I have a few other books on running, but I have been hearing about this one particular book for a while now.  It is called What I Talk about When I Talk about Running, and was written by Haruki Murakami about his time training for the New York City Marathon.  Below is from Barnes and Nobles website:

An intimate look at writing, running, and the incredible way they intersect, from the incomparable, bestselling author Haruki Murakami.While simply training for New York City Marathon would be enough for most people, Haruki Murakami’s decided to write about it as well. The result is a beautiful memoir about his intertwined obsessions with running and writing, full of vivid memories and insights, including the eureka moment when he decided to become a writer. By turns funny and sobering, playful and philosophical, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running is rich and revelatory, both for fans of this masterful yet guardedly private writer and for the exploding population of athletes who find similar satisfaction in athletic pursuit.

I certainly hope it is as good as it sounds.  I am sure to write my own review of it upon my return.

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Blog about Running

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Jun 112012

View from the trail

So, why am I writing this blog, you all might ask? I am obviously not a fitness guru. I am an architect be profession. Completely unrelated. I am a closet writer, so there is the writing aspect of it. The rest stems from my innate need to be creative. I LOVE creating things. In architecture, I get to create buildings and design. As a writer, I get to create great prose. In photography (an awesome hobby by the way) I get to create great photographs. I guess adding running to the mix, I can throw all of that (except the architecture part) together, and I have a blog to assist others in the need to succeed. Honestly, I would rather be designing a great high rise in Shanghai, but that job is already taken. I would also rather be writing the next great American novel, but that is WAY tougher than running. By a mile!

So, here I am – blogging about running of all things. And although Photography is really not part of this venture as of yet, I am thinking about creating a random photo entry once a week, featuring a handful of camera phone shots from out on the running trail, from the previous week. I kind of just come up with the idea this morning, so look for that post next week. I hope it will just add a bit more inspiration to those of you on the fence (or still on the couch) about running. The scenery is great out there. It is a great reason to get up and get going.

Also, after my vacation, I am going to hit a few hiking trails, and I will certainly blog about those as well, and they will surly be chalk full of pretty pictures as well.

Week #3, Run #1

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Jun 112012

Another beautiful morning to run! Life has so much to offer every one of us, regardless of personal circumstances. Here it is, I’ve been unemployed for 18 months, and should, by all rights, be very depressed. But it actually quite the opposite. The skies are blue. The birds are chirping. I have my health and a loving family. What more is there? Ok, don’t answer that…

So my routine today shocked me a little. As easy as last weeks runs felt, I thought I had this one in the bag. Oh how wrong I was.

This weeks routines are run 1 minute, walk 2 minutes – repeat 7 times. Seriously – how much different could it be from just walking 3 minutes to walking 2 minutes. Well, a lot. The 1st cycle was just fine. The 2nd through the 5th were a bit tougher than I was expecting. And the last cycle? Well, my legs are really feeling it. No, I am not a wimp. I am just not used to it. I’ll cope. Wednesday will be much easier, as I now know what to expect. And I’ll have a few days to get excited for it!

Had one problem with my run this a.m. Not with the run, but with Endomondo. The new interval timer thing they introduced last week was wonky. It was timing properly, but it was not giving any notice that the next interval had begun. I had to do the whole routine with my phone and app open just to keep track of my timing. Kind of pissed me off, but we’ll see if a reboot before Wednesdays routine will fix’er up. I hope so.

Anyway, Stats below.

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Jun 102012

Today, there will be no running routine. Today is my quasi Fathers Day! Yes, I know, it’s not for another week, but we are leaving on a family vacation on Wednesday, and will be off to visit the in-laws until next Tuesday, so my family is celebrating Fathers day today.

So, it’s bonus time for me to do nothin’! And that includes any sort of walking/running routines. So, I think I will take this time to reflect a bit about where I am at after 2 weeks through the 12 week program.

First off, I am a bit surprised with myself for sticking to this for 2 weeks. This is not the first time I have started a fitness program, and I usually get sidetracked, or dare I say it, Bored. So far, this is not the case so far. And I also believe that simply by “blogging” about the whole thing, helps keep me focused. Also, by posting all this, it’s as if I am standing tall, yelling to the world “I am doing this! I will not fail!” That in it’s own right is worthy enough to motivate me to continue.

I am a little bit worried though for our vacation. I REALLY do not want to skip a beat while in Mexico (I know. MEXICO, Baby!), and as of right now, I have full intentions of continuing with the every other day running routine. I am actually looking forward to running on the beach a few days, but we’ll see. It’s just the part about being with family we only see once or twice a year. There are certainly going to be a night or 3 of late nights, which will undoubtable include copious amounts of alcohol. Late nights plus booze, equals hangovers. I’m not sure how motivated I will be to get up and run with a hangover. We’ll see though. I “plan” on being a good boy, and that’s all I can do going into it. I do plan on updating while on vacation, as their condo has internet.

After vacation and week 4 of this current running program are complete, I am going to add an every other day weight program to the mix. I wanted to add it after week 2, but with the vacation coming up, I didn’t want to lose THAT much focus. So, After week 4 it is. I will post the routine here as well, to share with the world. I am sure my THREE followers will appreciate it! 🙂

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Week #2, Run #4

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Jun 092012

End of week 2!

This morning we were up and out by 7:30. It looks like that time is pretty much perfect for me. It’s not too hot. It’s not cold. Even with a 20 minute routine, I am still home and having breakfast by 8:15 at the latest. I suppose this will all change once I return to the work force. But until then, 7:30 is my time.

Seeing as it was a weekend, the wife was out with me this morning. Don’t get me wrong – I love my wife, and I really want her to be part of this, but damn, she is slow. We went up to the lake by the park again this morning, and if you compare my run time to Thursday, I was much slower today. Still slower, even after me leaving her in my dust after a 3rd way around the lake. That’s how slow she was. And don’t get me wrong, I am not running fast, but just faster than her. Honestly though, it’s all good. I ended up turning back towards the end and just continued to walk with her until we were done. I do believe though, that in future weekend routines, I will just stay at her side and do my regular routine solo. Better that way to avoid an argument of any sort.

Beyond that, the routine went great. I hardly felt winded. Sure, I was a bit of a heavy breather after the run portion, but it quickly went away. As I said above, my time was slower, so I really cannot judge any progress in that department. Also, I forgot to stop Endomondo once we got back to the car, so it logged our drive home as well, and I cannot delete that part. So, no, my top running speed was not 52 mph. Stats below.

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