Jul 032013

Where has the time gone? It’s been a good 6 months since I posted here, so I figured it’s a good time to share. Back in January, I started a fairly organized eating plan. The plan called for eating 6 times a day. Eating less food more often is supposed to stimulate your metabolism.

For the most part, the eating plan works. My results were pretty immediate. I started at around 189 lbs, and when I leveled out, I was at 182. Sure, not a tone of weight loss there, but 182 is certainly better than 189. That drop came with in a few weeks, and pretty much stayed there. I tried to get it down under 180, and as I might have dipped down from day to day, the following day it would bounce back up.

I started playing around with things over the next few months. I would run a week of REALLY healthy meals, but maintain the 6 meals per day, and nothing changed. I dropped Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday off the healthy eating plan, and a little changed, but not much. I went back up to 185. I tried a few different combinations, and 185 was my new low. Now, I am a 6′ tall male, and 185 is not at all bad. My wife is 5’4 and she continued to drop with each of the combinations I worked out with the plan. I think the last I checked (before vacation, that is) she had dropped nearly 25 pounds. Not bad at all. I might also point out, that we have become a bit lazy in the exercise department. It’s crazy that when the spring and summer comes along, work gets busier and exercise time goes away. That really needs to change. I can only imagine where things would be now if I included exercise along with a better eating plan.

So, where am I now? Not in a good place. We just came back from a 10 day cruise, and we both feel like fat slobs. Before leaving on vacation, I weighed in at 185.7. That has been my average for almost 3 months now, regardless if I cheat on the weekends. So, naturally, we cheat on the weekends if it doesn’t make a difference. The first morning after the vacation on a big boat with lots and lots of good food, which was all included, I weighed 191.5. I had not been over 190 in quite a while. I seriously felt like a fat slob. But the food on the boat was OH SO GOOD. Anyway, that was on Saturday. Today is Wednesday, and I weighed in at 188.3 this a.m. Each morning this week, my weight has dropped a little bit. I still feel overly bloated, but I really think it has something to do with the sodium intake while on the boat. We typically do not use a lot of salt, and I could tell by the 2nd or 3rd day on the trip that we were going to be in trouble. I am not sure where the wife is on her weight, and I would imagine that her not sharing her weight outright, it is not good either.

That brings me to my next point. Exercise. We have no vacations planned until late this year, so I am going to start up my Walking/Running program again. Then, after a few weeks of that, I am going to add a bit more to the exercise department, and introduce some weight training. My goal is to by down at 175 and be rid of of my fat belly by Thanksgiving. I need to make room for all that Turkey then!

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